Monday, October 1, 2007

no pain no gain

is one of asia's famous and highly developed art traditions. & mostly found in Malaysia nd Indonesia

plus, it makes a super comfy pj :)

had boxing nd aerobics today which was pretty goood although mi bak's aching atm, it's worth it :) currently watching californication , and whoever who hasnt seen it, its a sikk movie! nd when i mean sickkk i meant fully disturbing sick not the otha waii around, lol. no wonder its rated 15nd above lmao. nd im 15 woohoo, sherryberrys allowed to watch it without parental guidance. nah jokes, its basically about sex, drugs nd this babe magnet person who looks like mah granddad,lol.

he's got everyone talking...

Something i picked out while watching: By the end of the day, at the edge of the world, we are all desperate for sex.

hmm.. im guessing im not mature enough to figure out yet..?

eliminated tonight

BUT, dont forget to vote forr these ppl to be the next aussie idoll! lol, i wudve chose one but their all equally awesummmm!

natalie,matt,ben.nd tarisaaaaii

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There are two days in the week about which and upon which I never worry... Yesterday and Tomorrow.

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