Sunday, November 4, 2007

happy 16th ashorrrr :)

went to ashor's 16th lastnyte. unfortunately, it didnt goo too well i suppose, with the whole "awkward" situation// ;)

should or shouldn't i blog it here?
uhmm.. here goes :]
with practically everyone getting involved in a relationship atm, its expected to see atleast 1 couple hooking up in public. lol. prediction-true :)
one's invited, all's invited.
bumped into alan nd his mates, why is der still awkwardness between us? well for starters, i've finally realised that it was me, who's afraid to take a step further,& leave the past behind. he's obviously moved on, from everything that happened lastnyte, and i'm.. getting there.

ash & i

most funnn i had throughout teh nyte :) lol

~easily attached

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