Tuesday, November 6, 2007

im startin to get so fkin annoyed, seriously. :( practically worked mi butt off at teh gym todai, but for some odd reason, i'll put in teh same amount of food back in. it seems as if im some kinda giant "compost bucket", awaiting for someone OR something to deliver more garbage into me. jeeez, seriously. sherryberry should stop eating! :( grrr..

it couldn't be that bad? sherryberry comforting herself. however, dinner at lygon street could seriously be that baddd,infact worst thing imaginable! creamy gelatis that melts awayyyy,tutty fruity gelati flavourrs,romantic italian restaurants that draws you in before you know it. nd thinking that it wud be sucha waste if u don't stuff it all in?
typical sherry's way of thinking:
if we paid ???? amount of money, shouldn't we eat ???? the same quantity as well?
completely reasonable. :S

& come to think of it, hell noo..
by all means having to ignore/throw out/sharing these with others.

beef salad? sounds healthy...

looks pretty harmless to me, dont u reckon?

wow, bestest of em all.. combination of wine and steak.."tutty fruity" flavour's wot i call it. :)

lastly, homemade lasagne. :( such deadly sin couldn't possibly be forgiven!
yes unfortunately,this main meal belongs to teh unforgivable me :(
looks like cheese,tastes like cheese.

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