Friday, December 7, 2007

~the one I love

It's the day of the month i must say, & noo.Not pms, but staying up at night. Dont' you just hate it when it happens? [breaking out] particularly a day away from your very first interview?(wth) grrr.
interview today went reasonably well, apart from the fact that i had millions of pimples on mi face and still had to go on with the interview. sighers, for a moment there i just wanted to melt into the floor and seem as i've never existed. BUT, i didnt :) which was sorta an achievement for me i guess. Though everything didn't go too well in the morning, had brekki at hungry jacks, and yes.. i could barely lift my head up while eating/walking woteva. i could sense that insecurity inside ov me, & no doubt it was showin through me.Unfortunately, my lack-of-confidence frustrated mi mum aswell, and soon got her nagging.. "Seriously, ur not a thief, a killer, or an illegal worker, why are u so afraid?"
that is, one hella of a good question, i'm just too conscious about my looks perhaps? plus i was looking forward to this all week and this *pimple crisis* just came along in teh middle of nowhere, or worse, coming at the wrong time of the wrong day, causing me to lose such opportunity.
and the nagging/bagging goes on, as always..
"you shud've seen her face shiekling! too bad u werent there"
so it went on & on & on..
think of this in my situation.. me seeing this as an opportunity in meeting new people, doing wot i absolutely LOVE to do, discovering more about myself ? where would i be in a year? seeing supre as my stepping stone in the industry of fashion.
this is Sherry expecting far too much, while her mums putting her down without even realizing..
soo.. its completely forgivable for me a smack her on the hand ye? i thought so. :(
soz, but it felt like my "dreams" were being crushed, my self-consciousness wasn't the only issue,but having to put up with my mums negativity and putting me down in such way, i couldn't help but smack* her on the hand.
the room then turned to silence, awkward silence..
My very 1st interview.
wasn't as terrifying as i thought it would be surprisingly, walked in supre mega store and tried mi best to put aside my pimply crisis, and went along the flow *supre's loud bubbly atmosphere* then got asked to the 2nd floor, and the interview begun... *drum rolls*
what made u choose supre as ur career? what makes you difference from the others? why should we hire you? have u have any past experiences? & it goes on..

lunch @ springy
m.a.c foundation dusnt work well on mi :(

i've gotta mullet looking haircut going on? :S

~sorry for the mistakes i've done.

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