Thursday, December 13, 2007

First and foremost
To muffinbreak's opening success @ fountaingate shopping centre!

Look, my unfinished work became the front cover of the schoool's website :) *points at the gorilla painting* well obviously they were promoting the penguin instead, but i havetha agree sherryberry's quite pleased with the idea "penguin painter" not to mention, MY artwork as the masterpiece *PRO penguin alert!*
though there's heaps to touch up on, & i havent been at school all week! guess i might just to drop by tomoz and get it done back home :)

My very first time @ fountaingate shopping centre, zomg its massive! can't believe i've never been to a shopping centre located just 20minutes away from my place.Laugh Out Loud? with the size of chadstone, and the concept of knox, It's pretty unlikely not to notice it?
~been isolated long enough

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