Monday, March 10, 2008

"happy 26th Birthday Grace jiejie!" ( :
had Bbq birthday partay at cousin's today, && no this isn't the "surprise" i was on about in the previous blog :) lol. However, Bbq party was just as funn :) lol had water gun fights with cousins && niece, birthday cake was the absolute best! unlike the ones we usually have [mango cake from breadtop] getting kinda sik of it actually, ate heaps todai, cbb following my detox diet..tralala.. sherry's gonna be in control of her her diet one day! you'll see... :] lol no chocolollyiepops in the way.. :) lol a.k.a desserts drools*
attempted to play soccer with the family after, didnt suck as bad as i thought it would be :)
so yeh, my day was pretty occupied overall. && thank god for making my day enjoyable and everyone elses as well.

Happy sweet 26th grace jiejie ( :

me && aleasha

QiQi& aleasha

join the pro water gum teamo supremo! ( :

aww grace with her speech

birthday cake! -mocha jo's

Al & i

shooter sherk aiming at you!

posterized ( :

aww birthday girl

lol @ my cousin's baby watering the plants

looking furious yet adorable.


get ready! for the best has yet to come.

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