Friday, August 29, 2008

3 cheers to the completion of my Tshirt painting! :)
Missed out on school today, due to cold&sorethroat once again. It's seriously Honestly bugging me that I'm incapable of doing the things I'd want to. Listed my to-do for half of the day, & managed to complete half of the list listed. :) awesome awesome sense of achievement.
Though I was unable to personally get my maths results back, awesome Jill congratulated me in her text.. saying I had 84% for Trigonometry test!
From an absolute failing machine (17%,26%,40%) to an A student!
"who said, who said I can't be superman?" Hannah Montana.
I've also come to realize, maths isn't as hard as I thought it would be, normally.. I'd cry in class for not understanding jack*.. It literally felt as if, my maths teacher's speaking in an entirely different language from Mathsomania, I tried reading over my textbook over & over again, though it bores me to the max.. yet revising was my only option, no tutor, no interest, merely blank staring at my maths book. *finger crossed* that I'll manage to pass the following day. that was me then...

This is me now...

random sketches&experimentation


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