Monday, September 29, 2008

counting down

2 more weeks to Chinese Oral Presentation
7 more days to the beginning of a new term!
6 more days till school holiday ends
5 more days to Niece-Cousin Birthday Bash!
4 more days to EPIC youth
3 more days to Josh's Birthday Bash!
2 more days to Beachin' @ Chelsea beach
1 more day to bum at home
TODAY, Melvin's 18th Birthday!

doesn't it seem like I'm story-telling


making the first move?

ahah thanks steffi for capturing the moment!

Ok, Sometimes rejection hurts much less when no callbacks are returned after resumes are handed out, You could respond angrily upon not having a proper reply, or a rejection letter. Either way...

Rejection is very difficult to digest one who can digest rejectioncan achive anything

First rejection:

We have received your job application for WAITING STAFF and thank you for your interest in this opportunity. Your details have been assessed and unfortunately your application does not meet our position requirements. We thank you for forwarding your details and wish you all the best in your job hunt.

Best regards

The Pancake Parlour

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