Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes taking a moment to cool down, before heading to blogging. :)

peace at mind & peace at heart
The mind, while operating subjectively as one mind...
can be diffrenciated.
by goals, indentities, and the insights...
Life itself is meaningless without love,knowledge,wisdom, and most importantly God.
After getting off the phone with Matt, realizing our differences and similarities.
I've come to realize, and have learnt to value the differences in people.
Not one person's alike, I'd strongly testify that saying.
Though we might come across someone whom we'd get along completely, does not mean we'll have the same interest, same personalities, same knowledge, same love companion.
One might be more artsy than the other, the other might be more geeky than the other-other...
What makes human-beings so beautiful?
Our beautiful soul, compassion for others, culture&ethnicity

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