Thursday, October 9, 2008

I need a friend

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Dear diary,
This post will be slightly personal just so you know, more or less on what's been on for the last couple of days.. setting goals I never thought I'd achieve, in search for a new me.
After four days of sticking to my schedule, trusting in Cousin Grace's plan... I've truly understood the meaning of.......

When you are organised

You too can live life to it's fullest

a quote I mentioned previously in my blog, I know this how? ;) All thanks to beloved Grace jiejie's brilliants.. completing every task listed & still having spare leisure individual blogging time... :)
Besides that, I've also kept record of my progress through out the week... So far, So "reasonably" good.. Surprisingly when it came to dish-wiping or putting back the clothes, it was easy peasy effortless. However, up till studying time from 8pm-10pm.. I literally lost interest, froze, frustration. All unpleasent feeling took over...
From bad to worse, these feelings appear to be orginated from piled up unpleasent emotions within the family... Minor issues in the eyes of others yet... resulted me to ignore the presence of my mum.. (Not like she noticed)
From where I see it, there's noone to be pointing fingers at. Mummy did no wrong, simply her lack of concern, taking me and oral 3&4 too lightly. & during this period, as lame as I might sound.. I think I need someone to take this weight off my shoulders, someone to understand what I'm going through, the fear of disappointment to others.
(scenario: discussion on Sherry taking Art 3&4 in year 2009)
Vice principal & VCE co-ordinator : What would you do if you can't take the pressure next year?
Sherry : I'll read, reading calms me down :)
VCE co-ordinator: What I mean is... What would you do if your under a load of stress and pressure? and you don't seem to be managing VCE 3&4 Art?
Sherry : uhm... *speechless*
Both teachers stared at each other blankly
VCE co-ordinator: Talk to the teachers? your parents perhaps? helping to find a solution to the issue?
Funny, that's easy to say but hard to do.......


Know what's funnier?That I would rather type out my emotions for the world to see instead of expressing how I feel to my family...1st attempt, failed. 2nd attempt, exactly two hours ago...

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