Saturday, October 11, 2008

spell stressed backwards, you get desserts
I wonder why...
Just taking a break from all the Chinese Information that just been squeezed into my miniature brain..
Ok, apart from the fact that I've been breaking out terribly around my face, & craving for food for the past 24 hours, to satisfy my cravings & keep me awake. Food keeps me awake? Unfortunately.
Don't be surprised to see some fat ass walking around in school on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

So this is your motivation?

efficient ~! ^.^

so lucky you live that close to Jells Park lol ~
and only like 2 bus rides away from school :O

talk about easy access haha
hope the Chinese things going well :D

sky 2 said...

nice to see u sherry and have a nice day and come back to school to see use bb and i like u dont hit ma ahh ok

Anonymous said...

DARREN-:) I did it today and thanks for calling!
John Wan-hey John Wan.

Wear, Show & Tell said...

Hey chookers!

Had my first day at work today and was thinking of you! I hope you've been a good girl sticking to your routine. I'm proud of you and I know your mummy is too!