Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working Bee

@ Vermont Secondary College

Took a walk to Ale jiejie's house at 8am today, valueing our good old Melbourne Weather at the temperature of 16degrees, gentle breeze across my face, with hard working aussies jogging on a early sunday morning...
Lol, never thought I would actually achieve this personal goal written in my diary since the start of the year..! Wow, "applauses please?"
So headed off to Vermont Secondary College for volunteering work, Citylife Church members took part in mowing, weeding, and raking; as a reasonable amount of people showed up, working bee was infact a success!
By the looks of it, though our contribution was very small but I guess Working Bee is a good example of how when people work together they can achieve worthwhile goals. ;)

another path to contentment, non-profit organization

Cell group leader & my cousin :)


Anonymous said...

hey! its my school!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Ahaha didnt know u went to vermont melvin! :)