Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nuffnang launched in Aussie mate

Look, my very first advertorial on my blog! :) exciting ain't it? I'm sure you're all probably wondering.. What in the world is Nuffnang? OR perhaps you're one of those kinds.. (like me) Who cares more about the name than what is truly is...
Doubt any bloggers in Asia knows this.. *interesting fact*
“Nuffnang” is a word in Jafaikan. It means “Real Good/Cool!”
Pwoah is it just me, or are my readers already getting a tad smarter?
okok, enough with the nonsense, Bloggers all around living in this proud nation of Australia. Gather up for... *drum rolls* Nuffnang's launch in Aussie!
Well before this, I've noticed a massive amount of nuffnang ads in most of my friends blogs!
zomgosh it's unbelievable seeing nuffnang after nuffnang ads in Malaysia I tell you, thus...
Although it's merely been a couple of days since Nuffnang launched in Australia, as soon as I saw my cousin's blog Grace'sblog on Nuffnang. I signed up straight after!
apart from it's wellknown brand across Asia Pasific, (which noone cares really) There is also a great chance of being paid just to blogg! :)

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