Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Malaysian Trip part 2

Yay, you've guessed it.. I'm currently at my dad's showroom updating my blog also known as E-diary. Throughout the week, apart from catching up with friends, reliving the good ol' Malaysian lifestyle, and breaking out tremendously.. bimbo tone kicks in. "oh my gosh, I'm totally going to D.I.E from pimple invasion"
This post will probs be slightly more insightful than my previous post, reason because living in Malaysia for these couple of weeks showed me an entirely different lifestyle from Melbourne. Well obviously. the Food, the Weather, the Shopping Malls; Sure if I put it that way. Although both countries differs from one another, asian and caucasian , humid and dry, oily and creamy, corrupted and not so much..Though I thoroughly am enjoying my stay so far, yet constantly feeling insecure and self conscious whenever I'm out, it grrr... tends to get slightly annoying. Besides shopping was way more fun back in Melbourne, hunting for goods at Op shops.

New friend :)

@ Genting Highland

Jeffrendo && I

work top :)

Genting Highland :)

Random goodlooking clown :)

First world hotel

My beloved :)


Unknown said...

Hey, dear! I see you've been to Genting already! I NEED to go there. Sweating like hell right now in this 'sauna'.

Just arrived 2 days ago, and got my new cellphone number;

016-649 6328. Gotta meet up =) Just text me whenever you are free =D

hoyeeleng said...

hey shery!!!
YAYY, i found your blogggg!
can't wait for the prom pics to be up here! :)
i dont think i'm gonna blog about it yet, i still haven't got my pics from so many people. :(
lol anyways, link me! ;D

Anonymous said...

i miss you ~~

come back now >=[

oh yeah how was the prom ;D

Anonymous said...

its so cold here...and rainy is it like that over there....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Li Ann- Genting Highland was no biggie :) yeh I agree.. I reckon I loss 2 kilos just by sweating LOL :)
yeeleng- I tried looking for ur blogg.. but failed :(
what's urr link?
Darren-It was AWESOME :)
Matt- :) nah completely ze opposite :)