Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas @ Penang

Selamat Pagi Everyone!
Here comes another update to my blog! :) Fortunately for the readers, I've got stacks of photos coming up! Reason because.... I've yet to update on my vacation post, Christmas post, work post, && Penang post! Although both christmas & penang falls in the same catergory, separating them helps to make this post more exciting? :)

To start off...

I got the job at diva as a parttimer, However the story has yet to be unraveled, No I'm not exaggerating at all. It started off with curiousity when I decided to apply for Diva at Sunway pyramid.. testing my luck if I could get the job. Unfortunately No calls back, which is good news ofcourse. Who in the world would want to work when their on vacation OVERSEAS? :) Hence, I moved on... Unfortunately, as I was shopping at midvalley (one day)... the Door girl who took my application form turned out to be the Manager of Malaysia's Diva. She so nicely offered the job which I couldn't possibly turn down.. unknowing my payrate nor the working hours, I decided to give it a try.

Moahahahahah, biggest mistake everrr

Turned up working from 11am-10pm, just standing there.. serving customers. Though I have to agree, I saw this as an awesome priviledge for future diva careers in Melbourne, as well as for retail experience.

After spending the entire day standing and greeting customers, I came to the decision of never ever working at Diva Midvalley ever again! Though the decision was rather selfish of me, but it's for the better? Mummy was worried sick during my first day of work, it took approx 30minutes just to get there, and I have better plans instead of working for rm5-6/hour. :) aus $2/hr..

Thus, goodbye diva job and hello Pulau Pinang!

Journey to Penang!

R&R :)

the family :)

Jing Jing & Qi Qi

Ramlee burgerrrr :)

Someone obviously doesn't want their photo taken :(

not :)
All I want for Christmas...
is my two front teeth,
my two front teeth
my two front teeth!

All I want for Christmas my T-shirt clean

my T-shirt clean :)

Hawker stalls

Kat Zai Xun Mui :)

Fruit + Sotong Rojak

Ma Zhi

The Room

The view:: Below

The view-infront

The view-further infront ;)

The annoying one :)

Me walking :)

Joking! The smart, mature, sensitive, responsible, the list goes on... :)

STOP! there ;)

Nope, no festive decorations, no Santa hats, no Christmas Tree, No beautiful lightings.. Just the warmth of my loving family and a hotel room corner for presents opening!

This is how I spent my Christmas :) Ho ho ho~

Once again, wishing you'all a Merry Belated Christmas! or Belated Merry Christmas..

However you call it ;)

DAY 2-

saw turtles :) in some temple. :) I swear this I would've make this so much more interesting if I knew the names of the places I went to...

@ butterfly garden :)

on our way to Penang Temple

Ahaha, not so used to the Malaysian Weather..

Favourite shot

Prettiest Butterfly

Nastiest Restaurant yet awesome vintage ads

We got it from our mama~ :)

Vintage F& N Ad

GoodBye Penang!

The Food Heaven of Malaysia, (nope not quite there) & with the Price as cheap as Hell? :)

Lol,to think we would've got'n sick of food ever since our return from Penang... but here comes.. More Food!

Famous Round Balls Chicken Rice :)

Balinese Style

& Three Starving Pigs :)

~I'm out :)

thumbs up to Mummy's "pro"photography..


Anonymous said...

LOL your mum's photoraphy despises you :O
you're not clear in the photo ahaha

seems your haircut that aimed to make you look like Katie Holmes
just made you look alot more asian

iLOL :]

Penang looks like Port Dickson and Miami combined haha
well except with the Miami bit, just alot less hotter, alot more humid =P

hmmm counting down already?
19 days? I thought you were coming back on the 15th? :S liar ! haha

zomg @ the chicken rice haha
you don't see them here :[
I wanna go back =[

Ooo better idea
tapau for me ;D


Sherry Ng said...

wait now 16 more days
YES im coming back on the 15th :)