Thursday, January 15, 2009

the Good and the Bad.

Initially, this was suppose to be an upbeat positive blog on my 2009 New Year's Resolution.. Thinking through my top seven New Year's Resolution thoroughly and clearly, I've decided to post a blog up only on my "oh-so awesome" NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. Like I said, blog motivates me.. Somehow, I find myself working more efficiently when I've made a commitment to my blog. :) A promise to myself, and to the "public" LOL.
However, AHH.. just when I'm about to be all optimistic about life. Friggin VCE report managed to slip it's way through the mailbox ending up on the table... How ecstatic I was to find my VCE CHINESE 3&4 SECOND LANGUAGE ADVANCED REPORT JUST LYING THERE AWAITING TO BE UNSEALED. far out. with an A+ and A, for grade 1 & 2.. a frigging C+ appeared right beside both my awesome looking As and ruined the whole friggin report! Though I can't deny that I kinda saw this coming... but knowing this report will ultimately affect my VCE 3&4 result for the next 2 years to come, hurts.
Grrr.. the sound of dissapointment and anger...
Anyways, I'm back home now... home sweet home..
Together with my beautiful family, a family filled with girls... walking around pantsless, chucking my pads around the corner, shitting without closing the door. Pwoah, no privacy rules BIG TIME! (Laughs Out Loud)
@ Ole-ole Bali

"Crispy Green with Sotong"
"Three Daging Paradise"
"Combo Trash"
My bad, that's as creative as I can get.
Last but not least, Barley Lime!
Kakak & I
Daddy & Us before departure.


Anonymous said...

wah the girl with the barley lime looks so hawt. Who is she?? hahaha
ok, all jokes aside... i miss u! =)
U'll do well this year... i know it!
*hugs n kisses*

Anonymous said...

sorry for the late reply
I miss you too krystle jiejie!