Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Immature Vandalism

Grr. As much as I dislike the fact that I am currently suffering from Hay Fever, constant sneezing and sniffing and rubbing my nose, bumming at home, I hate the fact that my name is practically written on the walls and chairs in the Glenny Area.. over-exagerrating much? :) yes.

This goes way back in November, the day my name was graffitied in one of the rooms of Monash Library. "Steven loves Sherry" clearly written on the wall. Hence, I decided to leave my trademark, by writing " Sherry and Darren was here". this incident was never brought up again.
Not till today, infront of the all-so-well known HappyCup. The red chair. As all ur glenny bummers would probably notice. Someone again, decided to vandalize public property by writting "Sherry loves Steven" on that chair! Far out, I know what your thinking.. There are hundreds of Sherry's in Melbourne and so is the name Steven. How sure are you that the vandalizer is referring to you specificly? Well evidence no1, I was in that exact same room with Steven back in November revising for our last term's examination. & the day after, Me and Darren decided to revise together therefore booked the same room, only finding my name written on the left side from where I was sitting. Oh em gee much? I dono. I personally found this interesting, yet highly irritable. Now whenever I do go to happycup, there's a 99.99% possibility of having to see someone sitting on my name.

Note: Steven is an awesome awesome guy, but I myself did not find it necessary to be writing our names on public property.


Anonymous said...

lol ! what the
when they sit on your name
it's not specifically your name now is it? lol

or your point is just plain failed :|

haha as you said

there are thousands of Sherrys and Stevens in the world

Sherry Ng said...

I know, noone cares, but.. still.. it'll always be there. I get what you mean Darren, I shall forget all about this. :)
but for the people who knows, will know it's me. :) Meh. ladilalalala. I need some rest.

PuiYee said...

sherryyy ;)

Sherry Ng said...

Aww hello! Pui Yee, I left a comment on ur blog! :) wow didnt know u had a blog :)
I'll be stalking u all the way from Melborne every now and then! :) Ahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Is that you? LOL I thought so! Is it on that chair outside as well?

Anonymous said...

The Library room, and the red chair infront of happycupp, yes. :/

Anonymous said...

hey hey!
it's Kriz~!
we met today, well yesterday since this has passed midnight at the Nuffnang event.
=.=;;;; realized i managed to somehow botched up my url.
so here it is once again... and i apologize about it.

p.s. cute blog xDDDDD your stories are hilarious ehehehheheh

Anonymous said...

Hey Kriz! :)
Awesome meeting you, :) ahaha thanks for the comment! we'll keep in touch soon aight? :)