Monday, January 26, 2009

So you think you can dance?

Ahaha, the kids and I mucking around on Chinese New Year's eve.. Whilst the folks were cracking up lame jokes upstairs. The fun I have with these kids, it didn't seem as though I was babysitting at all. Well perhaps I'm just an awesome babysitter? :) Why be anywhere else? THAN with these awesome kiddos :) though they do give me the heebie jeebies... with those dance moves, I wouldn't be surprise if I do see em in clubs (in the future). :)

So today, according to Chinese tradition.. whoever wakes up and serves tea to their parents first, receives the biggest "Hong Bao" red packets containing money. Certainly along with heaps of "ass kissing" aahaha, wishing them happy new year & giving thanks. :) As the married couples (in this case, my parents and grandparents) give away "Hong Bao" is symbolises/represents wish and good fortune coming to the year. Seeing as, "Gong Xi Fat Cai" means wish to prosper, a.k.a "I wish that you will be properous" we tend to say it ALOT, on this awesome awesome day.

Unfortunately for me, with my money-minded sister constantly plotting of being the first to serve the tea, just so she'd get the most money, there was no way I could stand a chance against her "devious plans"

"Shiek Er, why you still awake? you ought to be sleeping now"

"I'm chattin with my friends" =.=

"Oh oki, I'm not sleeping tonight..."

"Suit yourself"

As I quietly walked outta the room, thinking I might probably stand a chance of getting the "big one".. There she was.. walking outta the room, and into the dining area, well my oh my.. secretly came prepared, hiding the kettle, cups, and tea. Looking as enthusiastic as ever, I jumped to the conclusion right away...... "As long as it has to do with 'money', this sister of mine will definately be first to sign up"

"Happy Chinese New Year!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh.......

The kids sure can B***dy dance!. im gonna curi some of the moves :D.

And you Sherry, thought it was all talk, you've got moves too.. haha

nice work, nice work. :D

Anonymous said...

Ahaha Hey SuperHero Heartbeat,
I'm pretty sure I know who you are, :) ahaha all talk? as if ur penguin dance was better :)

Anonymous said...

lol ~ very nice haha
you should open a toddler's dance school :P

except don't teach them EVERYTHING

haha have a backroom for people 18+
there you can teach advanced moves ;]

seriously though consider kids ministry ;]

Anonymous said...

Lol! :) darren ur a funny one. Ahahah, im not even 18+, what makes u think i'll have the rights to teach em. :O

Anonymous said...

oh my gawdddd.....

All my lil cousins are AWESOME!! =D =D
Ah well... ofcos I knw you've got moves! I was stuck with watching u dance around every night.

And i'm sure our penguin dancer has gota learn a thing or two from the kids ;)


PuiYee said...

CUTE! happy cny, sher :D

Anonymous said...

Krystle JieJie- aww yes, their the best, how did ur job interviews go?
Pui Yee- Hello!!! :)Gong Xi fat Choi puiyee!

Anonymous said...

soo cutee!!!

hey darren has a point, you should really consider children's ministry cause ur really good with kids!! this is coming from your CHildren's services Cousin ok:P:P

you have a lot of patience and energyy!!! go get emm:P

love love love

Anonymous said...

Aw al jiejie! :)
I should, shouldn't I? :) ahaha
i'd love too!
i'll think about it :)

love you ale jieejie!

Wear, Show & Tell said...

OMG... that my daughter??

HEY maybe to beat your sister next time go and HIDE all the tea, and just serve them first thing at 12AM. Technically it would be the 'next' day. Lol... you guyc crack me up.

Hmm also hold out on teaching Arielle the booty shaking! :P No bumping and grinding... until she is... 30!

Anonymous said...

Yes madam :) Gracejiejie :)i know sling and her evil ideas GRR :)