Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hayley's 14th Birthday

Our half lighted candle moose cake!

Unfortunately we had to light the candles ourselves, without assistance. & If you know me, I am clearly the biggest wuss ever! No way am I gonna light the match by rubbing it against the matchbox OR lighter for that matter. Hence, the Birthday girl did it instead. (She's a daring one) :)

Blow the Candle!

Yes, my cake seems slightly smaller than usual. :) but it's enough calorie intake to last the day!

Browsing around the shops at Glen, picking out what sorta gifts to get, yet still within my budget. (price range between AUD10-15) Hence, looked around shops which had "MASSIVE SALE" signs on, unfortunately, it was either beautiful stuff but still expensive, OR cheap and fugly.

Ended up getting Hayley some really interesting gifts, a six coloured pen & a couple of SUPER cute little asian handkerchiefs, seeing how she has korean/jap drama craze written all over her, might as well bring out her inner asianness. :)

Happy 14th Birthday Ng Shiek Ling!

& Matt Yam!


Anonymous said...

Matt is 14 and in Year 12? :S

Anonymous said...

u cant light a match??! :S

Anonymous said...

Lol :) nah he's turning 17. Well just turned 17 :)
I can if I want to.. but.. Shiekling did it :)