Monday, February 16, 2009

Henri Matisse

Portrait of Madame Matisse.

& My version.

I would gladly post up the portrait that I did, just so you wouldn't compare my piece with his. However that wouldn't be fair to the original painter himself. (Though mine literally looks crap beside his) I'm 16, he's dead, I'm unknown, He's well-known. He painted his with oil & tempera paint, I... used soft pastels.

Nonetheless, it was great fun experimenting on soft pastels (: && I have a new favourite colour!

Shit greeeeeeenn!


editedd// taking a second look, this green isn't that captivating afterall.


Anonymous said...

why must you describe your green like that la D:
have some pride ~ lol

Okay, I've met an ex Liverpool player
bought a new Liverpool jerseyer
and finally got my English SAC over and done with today

but I still think your work's awesomer then all that ;D

Sherry Ng said...

AWW thanks darren. I think ur.. slightly above awesome too.

Anonymous said...

before you said you felt like a cow? now you new fave colour is 'shit green' WTF. its not THAT captivating, is it? SIDENOTE -cows eat green grass-

Anonymous said...

Lol. I'n turning into a cow now? :)