Monday, March 9, 2009

Brochures I picked up from the city; for art purposes. (:

I am still not at peace.


Anonymous said...




Sherry Ng said...

(: Thanks Darren!

Tim said...

hey sherry!

thought id pop in and say aloha :)


Unknown said...

Dear, I've said it more times than the number of hairs I have on my head.

I have to agree with the short, hobbit, teacher =)
"Sherry, if I could get away with murder and have Sylar's ability to suck up powers, you'll be my first victim."

What you have is a rare talent, not hard-work skills. IF I WERE YOU, I'll get all my art-work (I wouldn't bother choosing which is bad, because they are all jaw-dropping masterpieces) and apply to enter New York's School of Visual Arts.

And when you get famous and RICH, do remember to mention my name to your posh clients =)

Anonymous said...

if only i had the bank to hire you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim! (: Thanks for dropping by!
Hope you and Ale's doing fine fine fine ;)
Li Ann- Ahahah, Thanks bub! i've got couple more artworks to come! (:
Long lost cousin- Who are you? Are we even related? :/ (: