Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gangters vs Nerds

Friend's birthday party coming up, and the theme is Gangster vs Nerd.
I look forward to parties like these. (: Dressing up and letting our quirky personality shine through.. without feeling a tad bit embarrassed.
& the friend of mine called up to help her out with her gangster make-up on the day. "Oh my.. oh my..." I'm thinking, the birthday girl wants my help with her make-up for her party. This has to be perfecto! Hence, experimented a fair bit, on safer colours.. like dark pink, eggplant colour, and mint green. Hmm knowing my noob make-up skills, I doubt the final result looked gangster at all.

"Yo.. I'm so gangster..."

"....Asian style!"


Anonymous said...

gosh.. that ahliang

Sherry said...

Lol. Big Nostrils, MICROSCOPIC EYES, and train track teeth.
Ah duck :D