Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O-V-E-R for Term 1

Two weeks of nothing, but relaxation.. sleeping in... potato-coaching to Asian Drama!
... I think not!
It's been 4 days since Term 1's over, and another 11 days to go... However in the VCE world, holidays doesn't seem like holidays at all. Though it is strictly written in our school planner that students of Waverley Christian College are not allowed to be given homework on the holidays. Yet the unwritten rule is...
" You'll be doing your oral presentation after the holidays, and I'm telling you in advance so you'll technically be able to prepare this for your homework tonight" says My English teacher 2 days before.
It's alright though, no complaints here. Other schools are doing it, why isn't our school giving out homework for our holidays? Nope, no complaints here. :)


Anonymous said...

i hate holiday homework

Sherry Ng said...

I know. :)
and I'm extremely tired.
Cya :)