Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Facebook Pictures

I've never been a fan of Facebook, and seeing as Facebook has dominated the entire network-chatting society, hardly anyone uses Myspace anymore... (myself included) Leaving only dancingcanvas and I, "hand in hand, together we stand" I've subconsciously abandoned all chatting related sites, Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook. However, just minutes ago as I signed back onto Facebook..
There were a heap of photos tagged from Vivian's Party and the Art Excursion! Wowwers, I thought to myself. More photos of meeeeeeee. *evil grins*
But as I clicked through the pages, my face turns uglier and uglier.. Bahahahahaah, noone told me I was that crazy in photos? Well it's expected I guess, if I'm crazy in person, capturing the moment wouldn't be tough at all. ;)
Vivian's party:

Steffy Liu & I

My absolute Favourite!


Credits to Steffy Liu.

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