Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top Designs 2009

Unfortunately photos weren't allowed within the premises. So, enjoy the photo of 1. :)

&& photos of us too!

It's the second day back from the weekend, so why do I feel so drained both mentally and emotionally? Despite revising for our upcoming exams this Friday and the following week. Life's been pretty eventful as you can "read"or "see" (lol) Thought I'd add some humour in this post, but... I'm not even laughing myself.

On the bright side,

I did manage to tidy up my room! Took me two whole days to clean, tidy, and decorate all areas... making sure it's presentable, hopefully it lived up to everyone's expectations. (obviously, knowing none of them had any expectations to begin with)

See! I've added a tree branch and my very personal handmade retro collage box!

"What to do?? What to doo?? Exams around the corner"


Unknown said...

Lol... my camera... your pictures...

Unknown said...

Yi... Opening an umbrella indoors is a badbadbadbadbadbadbadbad idea.

Radojevic has eyebags!

Unknown said...

Li Ann is superstitious... HAHAHA
and yeh.. good job on cleaning the room... I'm impressed... :D

Gatto999 said...

Nice shots !...
Ciao from Italy

Sherry said...

Hanley- All thanks to your camera!! :) Thanksss Hanley!
Li Ann- Bahahah thats what my mum and grandma used to always tell me
:) it's YiFu not me ~~
Gatto999- I visited your blog and, could not understand a thing. So.. :) Thanks for dropping by! :)