Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm no expert in make-up. but experimenting is just as fun! :)
Seeing as winter's just begun down here in Melbourne.. I thought.. why not.. experiment on some winter colours.. Shades of blue, white, and purple? Would be a cool way to start of my dull day.. (note the same top from yesterday) lol. Make-up, in my opinion.. isn't just a mask to hide away your flaws, although it might enhance one's feature and conceals imperfection. Similar to fashion, make-up is a form of art. We as girls enjoy dressing up, applying make-up, experimenting on colours, expressing who we are through the colours we've chosen. Although we might over-do our make up in some occasions, or maybe applied the "wrong" range of colours, by the end of the day... It's a personal decision. "Beauty" can be perceived as inner and outter beauty.. Exterior beauty will fade eventually, however.. inner beauty remains.. within everyone.
I for one, do not apply that much of make-up on a regular basis, again.. same as Art, make-up is also a form of art, applied on a canvas... our face. :)


PC said...

Your outter beauty doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon ;D

Sherry Ng said...

you too PC :d

Unknown said...

mmm... what is with white? O.o

Sherry said...

Hanleyy- ok, Winter? What comes to mind? White and Blue! I dont know. THat's just mee perhaps. Hence, White and Blue :D