Monday, June 8, 2009

Weird Bunch

Text messaging : "Help me! I'm heading to doomsville!"
See what the art gallery did to Darren?? lol.

These people crack me up! :)
"Why arent I in any of the photos? My turn!"

I'm just $1 dollar!

State Library (:

Andy Lu & I
"Darren, this is living proof that your eyes are bigger!"
"You're Indiann!"
My calculus friend, Nigel.
These are the weird bunch of friends I have, I love waking up in my 1 dollar GAP jumper, rushing to the bus just so I could see their beautiful faces!


*kRystLe said...

why are u wearing your pyjamas all over town? OMG GIRL!

Sherry said...

Krystle jiejie
hehe :)Cos theirr nerds, dont havethaa look good around em