Saturday, June 27, 2009

Year 11 Camp

Howqua Camp!

Chloe Mcdonald & I

Favourite Picturee!

Due to the massive amount of photos I took, it was highly impossible to upload them all in my blog. Hence, if anyone's interested in looking through the pictures.. They're just in the slideshow above, slightly time consuming.. But worth looking through. :) Busing to Camp Howqua, with a massive group of peers, trying out activities we've never dreamt of doing, was the ultimate experiece!!

From just three days of living in the middle of nowhere, attempting in activities such as horseriding, flying fox, survivor course and SingStar was soo much fun!

Every night and day looking forward to new, exciting, and challenging activities... I havetha admit, most of the activites wouldn't be considered as my kind of "fun" but.. I'm glad I ended up going for it! Indeed tough and rough.. But I survived through, and really.. taking in the experience and memories by the end of the day, matters so much more. :)

Have fun watching the videoo :)

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