Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't Stop Yawning

Despite the fact that I'm still noob at working with Adobe Illustrator, this is also a self-taught process for me. Taking in the stuff I learnt from school and applying onto my header,

Below are three designs I came up with, pretty self explanatory but different message within each layout.


The text [Dancingcanvas] is dominant in this layout, firstly to inform the viewers of the name of the site. I have used a different approach for the image effects, seeing as this is an Art blog & other bits and pieces of my life, but mostly art.. Hence, pencil colouring effects would be most appropriate. The star on the side of my cheeks, is a unique symbol.. to give a sense of uniqueness to the header, not as common. I've also used the color yellow for my quote text "creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep" I've explored this quote with a range of colours, however the color yellow has more impact and contrast compared to red or white colored text.

no #2

Here's another layout. Simple and clean. Sleek yet messy. In this layout I wanted to convey the same feelings I had when "begins with a blank page" header was up. It was an image of a paper fan, indication of my oriental ethnicity and the rest of the layout was brown wooden texture. This gives a sense of authenticity (brown) and wooden (vintage). The simple outline of me looking upwards, symbolizes hope and a positive mindset (keep looking forward) next to my portraiture is a font trail leading/forming into a human. The outline of the human figure is me, standing in an empty space. Again, reflecting to my previous layout. This is relatively similar with a use of negative space.


I've decided to combine a breathtaking sight, with a twist of creative flare.. Forming an image with fonts, I've manage to outline a man sitting in the park, dreaming away... However the font size is then maximized to allow the blog title to be visible..still in a flowing motion to emphasize on the dreamy thoughts.

Above are 3 designs I've quicky came up with, although I've sacrifieced countless nights of sleep. Now I need some advice... :) on which would be best on dancingcanvas blog? Because I'm really finding it extremely tough to decide. :) Or perhaps, I could explore deeper into each layout, you comment, I'll try to work on the header as much as I can.

#1 or #2 or #3 or other...

lol. Before I forget.. This is.. Darren's design! Thumbs up to your effort :)


DZ07 said...

You should listen to your heart ;)
I think it says
"Choose Darren's idea"

#3 I like :)


lynette cheng said...

i like the 2nd layout ... simplicity in its loudest and most meaningful ... very conceptual ...

Unknown said...

2... :D

Allan Huang said...

hahhaa i luv the dancingcanvas glassesD:

sherry said...

:) Thanks for the comments :)

Unknown said...

I'd say #2

Clean, simple, sophisticated, timeless.

In the blank spot, you might want to add your tagline. Totally Sherry-ish! =D

Unknown said...

you mean negative spaces? hehe... Vis Comm students... haha

Sherry said...

Bahahaha hanley I know see what viscom has turned us into? LOl :)
ALL HAIL MR MARTINEZ lolololololol :)

Sherry said...

Poster's up :D

joanna said...

i like the first one :)

grace Lee said...

I like the no.2!! Actually I really LOVE LOVE it!... Shiek ER... you're so talented I WANT TO EAT YOU!

Hey.. can you design me a business card :)

Sherry said...

Helloo Grace jiejie, yes yes BOLEH :) I'll be seeing ur daughter today :) see ya then too!

Thankss for commenting, J.lo ;)