Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Planet

I've loved this book ever since I laid hands on it... LONELY PLANET. Ever heard of the saying "The words on the page, The world is in your hands" This book fits in that quote perfectly. Remember tearing a little as I flipped through each page in the library, I told myself.."I have to borrow this book," And uptill today.. when It's months overdue.. I doubt I'll ever return such a spectacular book. (but I will, pinky promise ;)

This book is the underlying theme uniting photographs of travel's most rewarding, and encouraging appreciation of the similarities we share in a world of different cultures, experiences, circumstances and environments. It captures the essence of being there, in that moment. The expressions of the human spirit shared in very different countries.

One Planet has presented a truly global view that celebrates the many pieces of the puzzle that make-up a picture of our surprising world. :)

Some scans from the book. (:

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