Sunday, August 9, 2009


Never have I once been a fan of glasses, they...

...are a pain when you're not able to see anything without em.

...don't look good on me.

...I don't think I have the "face" for it. I mean really... there's specific frames, for specific face shapes. (In my case, since mummy pays for em, the cheaper, the better)

I've just been so used to contacts, I've never really given my glasses a chance, infront of people. :) Though I'd have to agree, glasses isn't the sexiest accessory to have on. Some would say, it enhances the eyes, and others would suggest glasses is such a distraction when make up is applied.

I've looked up some sites, on eye make up tips for glasses-wearers. (The inner internet geek I am) and here are some tips I've picked up! :)

1. The bolder your choice of frame the more understated your eye make-up should be.

2.Limit mascara to one coat as any clumps or heavily made up eyelashes will be more obvious underneath glasses.
3. Don’t let blusher fight with the lower rim of your glasses. Choose a lighter shade, apply just to the apple of your cheeks: smile and apply.
4. Glasses can sometimes cast shadows that make the circles under your eye appear darker. Conceal the dark circles thoroughly.

5. The fittings on rimless glasses can make the bridge of your nose more noticeable. To minimise this effect, keep your eyeshadow pale in the corners of your eyes and darken gently as you go out to the edge. This will help to draw attention away from the centre. '

6. Eyeliner can appear harsh under glasses, so opt for a softer look and gently brush a darker eyeshadow along the lower lash.

7. Keep eyebrows tidy and subtle as they can conflict with the upper rim of your lens.

note to self : Keeping my hair neat helps to look more profesional (:

'Professional' just went down the drain!


PC said...

If only glasses make up could count as art theory huh? =P

Sherry Ng said...

Lol. speaing of art theory I'm reading through em now :D LOL
commentaries on artists :)
interesting much?:)

Siew Wei ♥ said...

haha cool tips ! :)

Sherry said...

:D thanks!

Siew Wei ♥ said...

haha you're welcomed :)