Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quiet Time


3 hours later....

5 hours later....


Pedro Beja said...

HI. I am a Brazilian writing. I passed here to take a look in her blog and to do a link between Brazil and United States. She would like to look at my blog also. He is in Portuguese, but I guarantee will writing in English for you to understand also. Leave a comment, in her language even, we will begin like this communicating.

PC said...

Hey :)
looks really good ~

I guess art has it's 15minutes of fame
integrating itself into English ;D

you're making the poster yeah?

blogger said...

nice blog and interesting i like your snap that was mind blowing..

Unknown said...

ZOMG. Absolutely beautiful work as always =)

Sherry said...

Beja- Heyy Beja thanks for visiting, and typing in english. :) highly appreciated :)
PC- hello PC, no the coloured soft pastel's for English but the others.. :) "maybe" for Art. lol. Titled as "quiet time".. soo.. I'm actually doing this for fun :D
Shail2chouhan-Heyy :) thanks for visiting. yehh I'm drawing more at the moment, doo drop by again!
LiAnn :) helloooo LiAnn (oo I spelt urr name right!) thanks hun! :)