Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'd make a good snake.

Note to readers: If the dance moves made u feel uncomfortable, please understand this is not actual "proper" dancing. It's not even choreographed.

I would choreograph a dance, but that would just defeat the whole purpose of this post. Some of the moves are slightly awkward, only because it's my way of stress-relief, rather than "potential, wow your so great at dancing" I won't classify myself as a dancer, though lol the url is

It all began in year 11 camp, When "hand dance" was introduced to us the year 11s, it started off with screaming, screaming out, screaming OUT LOUD! Stomping the ground, boxing the air, and rotating your hands in any motion, circular, dramatic, anything that suits you. And I loved it! I've always loved expressing myself, releasing my inner "GRR" energy..

I bet this happens to every single one of us. No doubt, I have encountered countless of troubled souls.. They've somehow sinked into the state of depression. It all begins with bottling up your emotions, and instead of chucking it into the sea. They've subconsciously chucked it from their head to their heart.

VCE Art- is no doubt the toughest subject I've come across... I'm doing well in the practical aspects of art, but theory...? I'm coping. surviving. on the edge of unsatisfactory.

Grrr. Such a put off.. It makes me wanna cry. But but but.. "hand dance" has helped me heaps! So here is my "oh-so-what-the-heck-dance" which has done wonders for me!



PC said...

Dance with me the next time you get stressed :)

lols you've got so much room in that house :O

haha but yeah don't cry =O



Anonymous said...

Hand dancing? Sounds fun.

Unknown said...

I like it!! =) So funky and fresh!!
You should enter Australia's Got Talent!!

Sherry said...

Thanks PC :D
Anon- ahah It is :D
Liann- :):) AHAHAHAHA oh em gee.. I wanna choreograph :D LOL. well i shall after arts outta the way :D

Siew Ling Chaw said...

Hey,I’ve already changed my url to Please relink ! :D Thanks ! you changed siewwei's one only.ahha :D

Sherry Ng said...

Done :)
sorrytook me awhile :(