Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colour Pencils

In progress...
I've decided to leave my finished work unfinished. (: Makes sense? First attempt in colouring realistic portrait with colour pencils. It's supposedly a young bride wearing the traditional beaded necklaces in Ethiopia, (minus the beads necklaces) Colour pencils are much like water colour, starts from the lightest tone then gradually building up the tone. I love how even with the darkest tone applied, the lightest tone is somewhat still visible?
Quote from mum
"how you smudge till like that?"
" It's coloured pencils, I don't smudge..."
" Don't lie to me!"

Sherry Ng

Laughs Out Loud.

Ahahah, here are some HIGH-larious photos tagged on Facebook, before the softserve competition. Oh em gee, the waverlians do come up with the craziest ideas. (: & That why I love em.


PC said...

I was going to say it's


but its still in progresss :O

you surely inherit the power to captivate ~!

Siew Wei ♥ said...

haha amazing artworks ! :)

sherry said...

(: Thanks PC and Siew Wei :)
I posted up random HIGH-larious photos too ^^

Unknown said...

I look stupid

Unknown said...

Just like every other artwork you've put up;

I *heart* 'em! =)

Absolutely stunning.

Sherry said...

Hanley ahahahahave u seen my face/?
Aww thanks Li Anh happy boirthday for tomorrow!

Siew Wei ♥ said...

hahaha checking it out now :)

Siew Wei ♥ said...

ahha COOL SHADES ! :)

Sherry said...

aww thanks bub! :D lol. I bought em from.. hmm..
Their cheap buys :D

Siew Wei ♥ said...

oh haha from thrift stores ? but they're still cool.