Thursday, September 24, 2009

My typical Holiday

Morning: Rise and Shine for Sherry the Wendy's Girl~
Kicked off the day with work at Wendy's shakes and ice-cream.

Spent the night chillaxing at Brunetti along Lygon Street, Carlton.

Awesome having daddy and "Nai Nai" back in Melbourne.

Nai Nai and I (:

Burning the midnight oil as soon as I arrived home from Brunetti. After three hours of refining and generating ideas for my next resolution, off to bed I went. It's been surprising (on my part) seeing that I haven't lazed off all day. As I'd usually go for 30minutes break to sleep, or even lying on the bed tucked under my warm duna comforter. Last night was exhausting, but quality time spent with family was worth it, Work on the other hand is compulsory, and so is Art.
~work hard for now, to see the light on the other end.


DZ-07 said...

On the brightside

Each day means it's closer to the due date :D

after that, freeedom ~!
as sung by Akon :)

We're in this with you emotionally :)
We'll be happy when you are ;)
And happier when you're not for the extra UMPH ;D

Sherry said...

lol I did not get the last sentence :)