Monday, September 7, 2009

Update after 2 weeks!

Greetings earthlings, (:
I'm currently cruzin' to my new iPod Shuffle. It's awesomity.

Thanks to Darren Lalchand. (:

My deepest apologies for the lack of updates. Life's been hectic busy, school on weekdays, followed by work, then home it is. Weekend's been occupied with work too.. I've just started adjusted into this new lifestyle of mine. With work taking up most of my time, it seems almost impossible to have some time for art let alone "me-time". Instead of blabbering on with events I could hardly recall.. Here are some photos taken from the last couple of days :)

"Self-Portraits" LOL.

Personal Mobile Wallpaper.

Custom-designed and personal notes attached~

My bestfriend :)

unfinished art pieces.

EXO day :)
EXO day's an awesome day to rejoice our youth and the beauty of life despite school,piles of homework and VCE. In our generation today, it's so easy to slip into the chaotic lifestyle our current generation's leading. Hence, enjoying schooling life is essential. After graduation, entering your 20s, would there really be a second chance for us to enjoy being a teen?

No, you're only 17 once.


Unknown said...

He totally got the idea of my 'Brother-In-Law'. It totally 'worked' for him and my sister as being "FRIENDS" =)

Nah, I kid you. Loved the unfinished work though. It looks amazing as it is =)

sherry said...

so are they friends now? :)
if they are.
this shows
even as friends we can buy each other ipod shuffles :D
love ya liann my lesbian mate :D :P