Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Cooking?


What's Cooking in everyone elses lifes? My apologies for the lack of updates all throughout the week. Life's been hectic I must say, but utterly satisfying. Knowing that I've done my part in life before going to bed each night, puts a smile on my face. (: I'll be uploading pictures of my artworks tomorrow night, so... keep an eye on dancingcanvas ~

I'm loving the life of VCE admitedly.

A life of no fun, no parties, no lazing around till the next day.

This experience has strengthen my love for Art. As each day goes by, my love for Art grows stronger, the vision becomes clearer. I know now that this is my passion, that I'll hold onto forever.

Despite the days when I have fallen and cried, the days when hatred creeped within me. One day, I know the sun will shine, and the birds will start chirping again...

When I cared nothing about looks, the circles became darker, I remained persistent....

"To be able to see the light on the other end"
To the people who has been encouraging me all the way, I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You're amazing and you know who you are (: believing in me when I was in disbelief. My teachers, friends, and family.


buttelle said...

hey sherry! (:
it was good seeing you yesterday....
your artworks look REALLY REALLLYYYYYY good - I'm being 100%, if not 101% honest :D

they look amaaaazing.....
keeep working hard!
remember to get some sleep tooo (:


Sherry Ng said...

Aww thankss hun oh my gosh I havent got u linkedin my blog. I shall do it now :D