Sunday, November 1, 2009

mental fitness (:

The long deserted pool. Yes, We've all moved here for months now.. and this is our First time getting into the pool :) Spring is here~

Here's a weekly update on my weight loss target!
The weeks gone by pretty quickly. Although I've yet to set out a target goal for myself. I am very keen on losing some weight by the end of November. (:
Throughout the week I've been attempting to get up as early as I can, to go for a run before preparing for school. Unfortunately, that plan was an epic fail.

Even Jarrod Truscott agrees with me. LOL.

It's tough juggling school, work, exam revisions, and now my daily intake as well as a sufficient amount of exercise on a daily basis. It's tougher than I thought atleast.

"Have no fear, I have an idea"

Make exercise a fun experience, rather than a day to day "to-do" list. (: -Is the exercise of the mind....


PC said...

lols ~! Jarrod's so right
you should come to homegroup more =P



Sherry said...

I should really.. I'mswimming everday for 30 minutes now :)