Thursday, December 31, 2009

Malaysia Trip

I've lost count of the number of Malaysia blogposts I've posted up. ;) But here's another blogpost on my trip in Malaysia! :) Little glimpses here and there, meeting up with some old mates whilst making new ones :)
Went Go-Karting and shopping with some primary school mates, it was surprising seeing as I've not yet caught up with a whole heap of my friends in Malaysia. & This would be the very first catch up in... five years? Thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. :)

Melissa Mervin and I
Designer Night Held on 30th of December:

Yes the Director (my daddy) making a speech in his showroom at Viani Mobili International :)
Unveiling of his new collection :)
My look for the night :)
A group photo with the Staff of Viani Mobili :)

Yuppers, Designer Night was held for all designers, publishers to get together under one roof in hoping to see my dad's 2010 range of designs? Interesting though. An exposure to the interior designing industry. Daddy's ornaments does resemble Salvador Dali's Liquid Desire. Have an awesome New Years Eve Everyone!

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