Saturday, January 30, 2010

And Melbourne is the place I call home. (:
It's been two days since I got home, and wow... books books and more books are all piling up, my brain's about to explode even before school reopens. Wow, I love it!
Guess with the slacking awesome foursome last couple of days I've had at Hobart, the urge to achieve some productivity kept steering within. I'm extremely exhausted but here's an update anyway! Not the best post I've posted but life in Year 12 is unfortunately undeniably hectic busy busy. Hence, my post updates will be slower than the usuals...
While I'm away here's an awesome quote, I made up! (atleast I'd like to think that way)
Magnify your goals, enlarging your vision
lots of love, sherry


Marco said...

hey sherry =]
how are ya? no time no talk hey?
yeah, no doubt that year 12 will very hectic and busy, but u will be glad once its over =]

Sherry Ng said...

Hey Marco
Ahahah I hopefully will be glad :) You take care too marccoo :)