Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Around the Neighbourhood

With yesterday's occurance (fyi:: I got robbed with a total amount of Aud 1.00 ish). I've decided to stick around the neighbourhood. The robbery wasn't anything major, I was just obliged to hand the stranger some money, unfortunately the only money I had was in coins.. Yehah. But apart from it all, I had a great time yesterday (:
As for this morning, Some girls and I went Op shopping at Salvos and Vinnies around the neighbourhood (: Bought ourselves some preloved clothing wear... And the rest of the day has been.. lazing around. I'm thoroughly exhausted from the last couple of days... Besides UTAS Summer School Studio Glass Studies begins tomorrow! (: I'll keep you posted on any ups and downs on my scholarship course! (: love love

Toffee Apple yumm :)


JuzTrnd18 said...

Oh my Geee

Toffee Apple <3

lolol fattening no? :P

Sherry Ng said...

nO NOnoonO
It's so not. :) 1 % of tofee and 99% of apple. u do the maths :)

Meow said...

286 Calories from the Toffee.
80 Calories from the Apple.
65 grams of sugar in Toffee.
16g of sugar in Apple.
366 Calories.
81 Grams of sugar.

1 Can of coke has 42 grams of sugars.

Sherry said...

Meow =.= Just stick to your meowing.. lol

Meow said...

Ngaw it was me aha ~
Just keeeding yo.

Sherry said...

OH MY GOSH i was about to type up an apology comment to my commentorr
seeing as its
meow meow. :) LOL.
ily heaps! :) even better than an apology aye? :P

雪(玲) said...

ello sisi..
hows tasmania?
went shopping with kakak today.
spent 78 ringgit.
"sum tong dou sei"
want anything from nichii?
its on sale!! cheap cheap

i miss u..*hard to believe right?*
GO online !
currently 3:32 am..in KL
* since you dont call home, i might as well chat with you on your comment box*

Sherry said...

Oii I did call back noone picked up I called back a couple of times along with papa's mobile number, noone picked up :(