Monday, January 25, 2010

Hobart Trip 2

Here's my few days vacation at Hobart. Life's been utterly awesome, no day-to-day planning, no recordings on my daily expenses, and no late nights at University. It's relaxation all the way. :) I know I ought to be studying in preparing for Year 12. But at this stage I really cbb. It's a five day off for me, no studying, no revision, just potato couching and some sight-seeing ;) ohlalala~

The oldest handmade bridge in Australia (:

Floral art from an Art Gallery at Richmond

Smexy Figure Puzzle

Little Hobart Town?

Buffet @ Wrest Point, & my new friend

View from Sunny Bay
SarahWong brought us to this awesome hideout at Sunnybay, with tunnels in the middle of nowhere. :) Ahaha. Why it was thoroughly fun fun burning off some calories from walking up and down the hill :) Here are some snapshots taken by Sarah, they're pretty self-explanatory and highlarious. :)


DZ07 said...

Pink Pedo ----> Pink Face

lol you're doing Charles Darwin a huge one lol

Sherry Ng said...

sherry quickly looks up charles darwin :) whoever he is :)