Monday, January 18, 2010

Final Project has begun!

Today we had to work on our final projects which will be exhibited on Friday, four days to finish one project? That reminds me of Project Runway. Anyway, Yes.. here's some snapshots of my progression in Studio Glass, and some other experimentations of Glassworks. Went back home at 10.00pm as I was finishing up some onglazing. Summerschool life has been awesome & tiring, I love the fact that Uni closes at 10.00pm, which ultimately means.. I get to spend more time on Art! (: Being at Uni beats life bumming at home; Everyone has to keep themselves busy or we'll go.. downhill.. (: That's just my belief.
Preview of my Final Project :)
Experimenting on paint, copper wire, silver wire and stacking of glass (:
The bronze copper wire turned black :(
Other students work
overlay of shattered glass (:
I stacked angular glass pieces together, unfortunately it turned out like a blob instead. :( Love experimenting though (:
painting on my shattered glass (:


07-ZD said...

I realise I haven't commented on this post yet :O

until NOW

lols lols
I see you've finished with your hand
great work great work
post up picturesss a noww ;)

Sherry said...

new blog is coming in a sec :P