Friday, January 15, 2010

Studio Glass Studies Day 3

Found my picture on the tasmania news website! :) They've got my name spelt correctly too!


Students experimental piece (:
I painted an image of a peacock, unfortunately didn't turn out as expected ):

experiment with fabric in between the glass. :) Fascinationg outcome
After layers of plaster, water and silica? scrape of the clay model.
scraping off more leftover clays (:
Pour water to measure the exact glass capacity

fill the plaster up with glass (:
Tadaa! As you can see, I've chosen to use foam glass (window) instead of television glass. Reason being different glass creates a different effect towards the sculpture. Television glass gives the sculpture a clear crystal effect, where as foam glass on the other hand, is murky, greenish, and slightly lighter in comparison with glass.


CeePee said...

Peacock turned plate :D

*kRystLe said...

looks awesome hun. Great that ur enjoying urself <3

Sherry said...

CEEEPEE :) indeed :)
Krystle; yes yes :) I ammm honey. love youu