Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Gadget

Behold, the very new "old" gadget which I've bought this morning! The long forgotten Nokia with no built-in camera! I guess with Ipods, Iphones, Blackberry as the hot topic on the front cover magazine of every mobile retail stores, noone would ever take a second look at this piece of poopy.
Why would I even bother? Well it was just yesterday... When I was in the middle of pulling down my shorts, (and my panties) bending towards the toilet bowl... when.. *bloop* My phone slipped right out of my hand and into the toilet bowl...
R.I.P MobilePhone
& That leads me to my story today....
Shopping for mobile phones wasn't tough at all. First off, all I needed was a phone that functioned well. Had weekly alarm to wake me up in the morning, and most of all.. a mobile that was within my budget. I've worked two jobs over the past three years in Melbourne. and My first job at Michel's Pattiserie was cash-in-hand every fortnightly.. Back then, I would gather up all my money into a teddybank in my room. Whenever Op Shop urge came along, I'd dig in my teddybank for some cash. I'd digg digg digg to go shopping in the city, from the money which I've earnt.. I've managed to buy everything that I needed, my very first 8megapixel camera, a pair of boxing gloves, Ninewest handbag for my mum, and to be the person incharge of paying for my parents dinner. That was my pride and glory. Not long after, I decided to leave Michels and concerntrated on my studies.. Within that period of time, I've earnt a total of Aud1,500 from Michels. Heaps of hardwork, and early mornings was put into this casual job. But paying with my personal earnings, rather than pleading money from my parents... was peaceful, satisfying, and definately nice for a change. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees. Money which I've earnt from Michel's had soon dissappeared, in exchange with heaps of OpShop treasures, My weekly spending, and phonebills.
Life is tough without money, but that is reality.
Soon after in 2009, I've regained the passion and applied for more jobs.. Near and Far, High and Low, I'd walk into shopping malls, with a smile on my face applying at every corner of each shopping mall. rejection was inevitable. But Life goes on (:
As I leave you readers here today, I'd just like to say...
Spending money that you've earnt is a sense of pride,
Saving money that you've earnt is a kind of beauty.
The long forgotten Nokia, No camera.
Handy Features (:
Alarm clock set beforehand with specific days picked out.
Cute Monkey theme ^^
The best part of this all, is this phone, my camera, and mp3 and the clothes that I currently have on, all my holiday expanses.. are all through the hardwork which one's gain through working experience.


kat said...

how are you going?
it's so fascinating to see what you're doing in art-studies, everything is so new!
don't worry if your things don't turn out quite right, cos it's your first time :P my mobile is older than yours - green and black screen, still has oldschool snake game on it! watch your fingers, and enjoy yourself :D love, kat

Sherry said...

Hey Kat!
ahah Mine has the oldschool snake game too with... colours :) heh
guess we're not so different? :)
Yes yes hun. I'm still new at this but it is interestingg though :) will tell u all about it when i get back!
Take care
love, sherry :)