Friday, January 8, 2010

New Gadgets!

I've arrived safely in Melbourne everyone~! Gotta love Melbourne all the way! Unfortunately... it's been rather lonely being back home. Home isn't home without my family...
Everyone's back in Kuala Lumpur while I'm getting a head start in packing and preparing for the upcoming trip in a few days! If I can't survive this, how in the world would I be able to survive two whole weeks of independant living in Tasmania? Shit. In some ways, it's a challenge worth going for... Who wouldn't want to be free and independant? I've been travelling with my parents, or some form of supervision all throughout my life. To step out of this realm of comfort and warmth, and into a foreign place, filled with unfamiliar faces. will surely be a challege indeed. Anyways, pray pray heaps for safety and guidance on my trip to Tasmania. :)
Here are some new new gadgets I've bought::
To keep me sane from Tassy Boredom :) Pebble Mp3!
G 9 Semi SLR Digital Camera!

Last-Minute-Before-Leaving-to-Airport Shots!
I'm sucha Baby. The house is so still, strangely never before quiet. Where's Mummy or Shiek Ling or Qi Qi when I need them? Far Out! I've never once been out and not have my mum calling asking what time will I be home? Or Where am I? Then again, I was only out for dinner and went cheapskate shopping for Ipod Shuffles and Mp3s...
Paying dinner today was such a strange feeling too.. I've never paid my own dinner, at least not by myself. As I looked over the menu, the randomest thought came to mind...
"What's cheapest in here"
Never have I once have such thought towards food, Cheap or Cheaper maybe.. But never Cheapest. I've always been the person who'd pick cheap but eatable food. But this time was different, Food had to be Cheapest and Filling. As long as it fills up my empty stomach, that's all that matters.
FYI I'm not poor... I'm simply in fear... of not having sufficient cash in times of need.
~Life's starting to get tougher


KK said...

all the best in tassie. =) Take care of yourself alright? Don't be too gullible.

Sherry Ng said...

aww thankss :) I tried visiting your blog but it wouldn't let me.
Thanks so much KK :)

Unknown said...

Bub, relax!! Living by yourself is easier than you think!! The only thing that really annoying is ... is ... is ... nothing actually =) You feel free and independent!! Just don't go overboard with your new found freedom.

Enjoy Tasmania and yap about how it is!! =)

KK said...

my blog? i have a blog? :S?

KK said...

ah right.. no.. thats xin's blog for me.. Its just between the two of us.. lol! its pretty dead since we aren't really apart for extended periods of time.

Sherry Ng said...

oh alrighties.
No I wanted to find out who you were. LOL. KK's not the usual commentor on my blog. but.. I couldn't guess it out till now. :) LOL indeed KK :) exams will be over before you know it bub! :0
LiAnn- YES YES! i'LL try convincing myself that
well i guess in some ways..
i have webcam convos with 3 people today, a new found freeedom? Its usually just one lol :) Doesnt make sense does it?
Have FUN in Malaysiaa Liann! I'm missing it already!

KK said...

KK.. Kok Keong.. lol!