Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UTAS Summer School

Printmaking, Digital Imaging and Studio Glass Studies course (: Us newbies are attending the Creative Arts Summer School Programme today! Rise and Shine and off we went to UTAS University...
Apart from the four cuts on my fingers, cuts which bleed through two bandaids! The first day of summer school has been thoroughly awesome. (: Learning different kinds of glass, foam glass and antique television glass. (: Placing the glass in the kiln for a total of 24 hours, and tadaa the sculpture's completed! (:

Samples of some final glass works :)

We'll see how ours turns out tomorrow!


DZ-07 said...

Arsty Fartsy
Summer Clartsy
Defines the Sherry
who resides in Tazzie

rawr check that out for a sawng ;)


*hip hop moaning*

lol seriously they moan like dunno what la D:

sling said...

yea yea yea..
Guess what :D i was on the net
looking up "NO experience" student resume..and ohmygoat..
LOOK what I've found:


Arlington High School, Arlington, Virginia
2002 - 2006..."EASY"

Experience...(what experience do i have?)

Pet Sitter
2004 - Present
• Provide pet sitting services including dog walking, feeding and yard care.

Child Care
2002 - Present
• Provide child care for several families after school, weekends and during school vacations.

• National Honor Society: 2004, 2005, 2006
• Academic Honor Roll: 2002 - 2006
Volunteer Experience.....>.<

• Big Brother / Big Sisters
• Arlington Literacy Program
• Run for Life

Interests / Activities (none)
• Member of Arlington High School Tennis Team
• Girl Scout
• Piano

Computer Skills ..?

• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Internet

...*MY resume is gonna be short and boring..


sling said...

oh ..
I went and ask mummy:
L: mummy what skills do i have?
M: umm i cant name any.


Sherry said...

Sherry LOL. darren lalchand.
You are highlarious :)
Sling.. hmm what skills do u have aye? :) Call me. lol don't think u'd want me to type it out here :P