Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Mee

Hey Everyone!
I know I have been slightly uninspired to blog, with VCE as my main priority this year and the tendency to slack off... It seems like a battle between what's important and what I felt like doing at that point of time. It's really... frustrating to some extent.
Some days I feel like lazing off, but the moment I do... eveything just goes out of place, and before I know it, everyone's afew chapters ahead whilst I'm simply... still in the midst of lalaland.
Well :) Today I thought I might share some.. "project" which I am currently working on... Besides the stacks of homework I've been assigned with.. there are some works which I thoroughly enjoy... and here they are!

(double click to enlarge)

Some designs for the Year 12 Jumper. Although they are not yet finalized, here are some hand drawn designs before designing them on computer. Nice not Nice? Well I'm still working on this concept and brainstorming some other ideas. (:

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Grace Lee said...

HEY as an Idea, How about you find out how many student there are in YEAR 12, and work with that number... as in like if there was 120, then work with 120 mosaics pieces. Or maybe the 2010 part is the number of year 12 students, and the mosaic cross is the total number of students in the whole school? Just an idea.