Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Gadget!

Konichiwawa! Here's another uber short short update! Heh, see see my new gadget which I bought? Told you I had money.. lol. To those who claims I'm poor for OpShopping. I'm simply using my cash cash wisely :) Anyways, School's started for about 2 weeks now... Everything's going smoothly? :) Studying every single day is essential. It's quite awesome though, I'm currently doing 3 subjects at school and 1 subject at Boxhill tafe from 5.30-9.30pm. My current subjects are... English, Maths Further, Visual Communication and Design and Studio Arts! :) Heaps of time for art production.
Now that I've bought myself a new laptop, I guess I'll be updating more regularly? But mostly posts like these... :) An update on my everyday happenings.. I'll keep you posted! :) There's enough on my plate to keep my occupied.. as well as designing the year 12 jumper.

Funny Funny quotes from Family:

Darren Lalchand: You're a hero Sherry, you save money!

QiQi: I don't think their fireants, I think they're just burnt... ;)

Darren: Don't worry I dont have AIDS! *coughs*

Sherry: OH NO, I've got AIDS too...

Darren: huh?

Sherry: We had phone sex// :)


my very first laptop!


Anonymous said...

LOL phone sex is so the best
so exotic ....

wonder how many people would get sus'ed out by that ;D

Siew Ling Chaw said...

hey babe relink me @
thank you !!! :)

Siew Wei said...

Sherry ! <3 hope you'll have a Happy V Day tomorrow aite ? Take care,girl !

Sherry Ng said...

Siew Ling and Wei:
Heyy yes :) I'll link you tomorrow hun! :) When my computer refreshes :(
Wei :) heyy Happy Valentines day and and and :) Chinese New Year too! :)