Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Here are snapshots of my birthday yesterday! Though it wasn't anything major as clubbing, or getting drunk... what "stereotypical legals" do. Surprisingly, a year older just reminds me of how much I would miss out on disney, sleepovers, truth or dare games... (: My inner teeny bopper! Another 2 more years and I'll soon be heading into the TIES, not TEENS. Goodness me, I certainly am getting older by the day, and time surely doesn't stop for anyone...
Hence for my 18th birthday, not only did I receive fabulous gifts from my fellow lovelies... An awesome sketchbook with everyone's birthday wishes, birthday cards and soap/perfume set, a birthday party at school, city with mates, top design with friends, dinner at asian restaurant, and sleepover playing truth or dare! My birthday has been totally awesome and I wouldn't ask for anything more, as it's gonna be almost impossible to top this 18th... thanks thanks thanks everyone for successfully putting a massive grin on my face!


Dz07 said...

We will top your 18th :O

maybe we'll get like
to hang out with you for an hour ;D

Sherry Ng said...

i'll goo blastic :D:D:D::D

Grace Lee said...

I cant believe you didn't invite your cousins to your birthday. I am not very sad. You suck